Monday, 20 December 2010

Obligatory Horrible First Post: What this is for.

So here's a post on a blog written by me, stumbling like a scared little thing into the scary world of public writing where the scariest thing is no-one reading it.  The stuff that will get put down here will probably be quite varied, but I do have some definite areas of interest and thoughts I want to put out in an arena where hopefully, eventually, other people will respond with various opinions of assent, dissent, dismissal etc. and we can get a good old internet debate going.

So, the two things that will be discussed most heavily here are theatre and video games (it is definitely two words) and probably a lot of thoughts on comparisons/crossings between the two.  There will of course be some personal stuff thrown in, most likely some political nonsense every so often and I have one or two ideas for some more creative stuff that might get thrown up here, but that's a long way off.

I'm generally quite good at starting projects like this and abandoning them fairly fast, so this may become a sad little page on the internet, all alone without a comment in the world to call its own.

I'm going to have a poke round all the stuff I can do with this lovely blogspot account and try and make this place look a bit nicer.

First post down, first hurdle jumped.